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I wrote, illustrated and bound my first book in fifth grade. While attending Rochester Institute of Technology for graphic design, I rediscovered the joy of book binding. After graduating RIT in 2000, I continued studying book arts at Camberwell College in London, receiving a MA in 2003. While attending Camberwell I worked at Circle Press where I learned the basics of letterpress and screen printing as well as artist book production.


In 2003 I returned to New England and began an apprenticeship with Judi Conant, learning the practical day-to-day skills of a small edition bookbinder. I still return to New England regularly to assist Judi as an assistant bookbinder.

In 2004 I joined Woodside Press in Brooklyn, NY where I've honed my skills as a letterpress printer while still working as a freelance bookbinder. While at Woodside Press I have received training as a Linotype operator and in 2008 attended Linotype University V in Denmark, Iowa and recieved yet another diploma.


The skills I've aquired in the past decade have provided me with a unique foundation in all aspects of traditional book making from design and typesetting to printing all the way through the final hand binding and finishing of books that will last for generations.


Contact me and we can discuss your book binding needs.

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